Take cake and cupcake creativity to a new level with fondant. Intricate designs that you’d never dream to attempt with icing are possible using rolled fondant. It’s like modeling clay you can eat (which I probably would have preferred to the regular, far less-edible clay back in Kindergarten).

Fondant gives you that slippery smooth finish that can begin to turn ordinary cupcakes into fun, edible, miniature works of art. Add flowers, bows – even figures – if you can build it with fondant, it will impress. Or pipe icing over a fondant-covered cupcake for a wonderful contrast sure to grab attention.

Bakery Crafts® offers Ice N’ Easy Rolled Fondant in different colors such as Almond, Ivory, Chocolate and White available in a variety of quantities. Rolled fondant is easy to use and can be cut out to any shape. In fact, Bakery Crafts® also supplies an array of fondant tools perfect for helping you create fondant perfection!

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