It’s time to celebrate again! Bakery Crafts has the cake and cupcake decorations you need to celebrate any holiday, and these particular decorations are calling your name to help you enjoy National Watermelon Day that much more! Apart from all of the insane amounts of watermelon I’m sure you all will be eating to celebrate this very special Friday, August 3rd; dessert (and particularly cupcakes!) is, as always, an absolute MUST! And why not get your decorations from Bakery Crafts when we have SO many pink and green decorations to choose from (seriously everyone…they’re not even all shown here!), and not to mention the variety of fun keepsakes you get to walk away with (picks, rings, wraps and more!)…so place your orders folks because this Friday is bound to be a good one, and who can say no to pink and green on cupcakes?

Bakery Crafts has so many watermelon drenched decorations to choose from!

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