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I don’t know what your New Year’s traditions are, but mine include stuffing myself to the maximum with whatever food is readily available – preferably cupcakes. Actually, come to think of it, that’s my tradition for every holiday, big or small, real or imaginary.

Luckily, the New Year is a week away – which is plenty of time to find some new cupcake decorating ideas and make some amazingly creative cupcakes. Then, watch as people admire their beauty and creativity – prior to feverishly wolfing them down before any New Year’s resolutions take hold at midnight.

As always, Bakery Crafts® has you covered with fun, imaginative decorations available in three New Year’s collections for you to choose from. The first has three bright, colorful Jewel Picks and Flexi-Picks™. Or, ring in the New Year with Horn Metallic Rings or one of our many black, gold, and silver Mylar Picks.

For a more formal look, Bakery Crafts® ‘A Formal Affair Collection’ has trendy picks available in black, white and silver. These will add an understated elegance to any New Year’s celebration.

Snow is on the ground here, and, unfortunately, it’s way too cold to go out and build a snowman. So what’s the next best thing? Making one out of cake, of course! And the best part is that you can eat these snowmen as fast as you’d like without fear of the dreaded cold-headache – and they are light years ahead in terms of taste!

These little guys were made with rolled fondant on top of a cupcake and are topped with Bakery Crafts® Winter Hat Puffy Picks. If you don’t want to use fondant, try icing or meringue or whatever creative solution you can come up with and feel free to share what you find works the best.

If you don’t quite feel up to the task of constructing these snowy creatures, don’t fret – Bakery Crafts® allows you to still churn out fun winter cupcakes with ease. Snowman picks, rings, and edible Dec-Ons® are all available from Bakery Crafts® wide range of winter and snowman themed products. And new Snow Globe Rings allow the fun of cupcakes to continue long after they’ve been eaten and enjoyed.

Christmas is a big time for baking cookies and cupcakes. With Bakery Crafts® wide selection of Christmas cupcake decorations, finishing your cupcakes with some holiday flair is one of the easiest things you’re likely to do this year. It’s certainly easier than wrapping presents, assembling a tree, or dislodging a plump, bearded man dressed in red that usually resides at the North Pole but is currently trapped in your chimney – trust me.

Rings, picks, Flexi-Picks™, Treat Wraps™ and all kinds of sprinkles, glitter and quins – if it’s Christmas-themed you need, Bakery Crafts® has you covered. There are religious-themed items like Angel Puffy Jewel Picks. And there are also reindeer, Christmas trees, presents, stockings, elves, and all sorts of Santas, gingerbread men, holly, wreaths, and ornaments. Considering the possible combinations, making your cupcakes singular and special will be seriously simple.

And don’t forget sprinkles. Nothing says Christmas like peppermint flavored candy cane quins.

So this Christmas, be sure to get your hands on some festive Bakery Crafts® cupcake decorations – or ask Santa. And if you can’t find him, check your chimney.

Cupcakes are versatile – they are like the Deion Sanders of the dessert world. Okay, so maybe that reference is a little dated – Deion Sanders used to play both professional baseball and football. Sure, there are infinite ways to decorate them, but think of all the different ways to serve them – the overall presentation factor.

They can stand on their own of course, but mixing it up every now and then will make you look quite creative. Cupcake cakes are popular because you can arrange them into just about any shape you can imagine and still top them with one of Bakery Crafts® POP TOPS® or Cake Kits which are specially designed to look great on top of cupcake cakes. And they come without the hassle of having to cut and serve it. I think that’s called a “win-win.”

Serving cupcakes around a small traditional cake may make them seem like an accessory at first – but rest assured, if you’ve decorated it with one of Bakery Crafts® delicious edibles or fun picks, they will be the first thing people reach for, becoming the more popular item.

I’ve even seen a cupcake stacked on top of a larger cupcake – like a tiered cupcake. You might say, “Why not just have two cupcakes?” My answer to that would be, “Well, this way I am able to rationalize it as only eating one cupcake.” It’s brilliant. Give it a shot.

What are your favorite ways to serve cupcakes? Do you have any really creative ways to arrange and present cupcakes that we haven’t touched on here? We’d love to hear about them.

Dessert cupcakes are all the rage. Delicious fillings and decadent toppings make for desirable cupcakes. Inject your cupcakes with a little verve and try out some new and different fillings. Flavors like chocolate, lemon or strawberry cream make for a tasty treat.

But the draw of dessert cupcakes doesn’t end with delectable fillings. Exciting frostings like peanut butter, cream cheese or caramel help set your cupcakes apart. Try placing a small cookie or fresh fruit or nuts on the icing for something special in taste and visual appeal.

Bakery Crafts® has a wide variety of cupcake toppings available. Add some vibrant sanding sugars, star glitter or any manner of colorful and themed sprinkles to make your cupcakes a sweet, fun feast. Or try some of Bakery Crafts® Krunch Chocolate on top of some creamy frosting for a rich, savory dessert experience.

Bakery Crafts® also has an ever-expanding selection of edible Dec-Ons® available in a multitude of themes and designs. Topping your cupcakes with a sugar Dec-Ons® will add detail, visual interest and a sense of delicious fun.